Arkaig Community Forest and The Woodland Trust Scotland formed a partnership to acquire the Loch Arkaig Pine Forest on the south shores of Loch Arkaig in Lochaber from FCS in 2016. The forest covers some 1086 hectares in two roughly even sized blocks – the Glenmallie forest and the Gusach. Both contain amazing remnants of Caledonian pine forest, stunning birchwoods, blanket bogs, freshwater habitats and extensive areas of non-native conifers including Sitka spruce and Lodgepole pine. The forests also include the Arkaig Ospreycam with its seasonal live footage of breeding ospreys, the deserted settlement of Ardnois, and the high seat or wildlife hide.

Loch Arkaig Osprey CamWatch LIVE

Our live Arkaig Osprey Cam, developed by Woodland Trust Scotland and supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, has been streaming footage of breeding ospreys from a nest high in a Caley pine tree in Loch Arkaig Pine Forest since 2017.

Take a look below for the Arkaig Osprey Cam – streaming LIVE for the 2021 Season.

LIVE Osprey CamLoch Arkaig Pine Forest

Our resident pair, Louis and Aila, are expected to return to the nest in April to begin another breeding season. This will be their fifth year in the spotlight. In 2020 they successfully fledged three chicks, which were named Doddie, Vera and Captain by the live nest-cam viewers.

Loch Arkaig Osprey Cam – 2020 Highlights

Need a recap on Osprey news from last year? Catch up below with the Loch Arkaig Osprey Camera 2020 Highlights.

Loch Arkaig Osprey Cam – 2020 Highlights

From Loch Arkaig Pine Forest direct to your screen

How did the Osprey Nest Cam begin?

From a location lacking in an electricity supply and broadband, this was an ambitious project from the beginning. Find out how this fantastic project came to life, and how the live osprey nest you can watch today, makes its journey from Loch Arkaig Pine Forest, to your screen. Take a look Behind the Scenes.

Credit – Arkaig Forestry Coop

Have any questions about the Arkaig Ospreys?

If you have any questions regarding our resident Ospreys, or anything related to the Arkaig Community Forest, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! You can use the ‘Comments’ section below or reach us via our Contact Page or through our ACF social media pages on Facebook or Instagram.

Or why not head over to The Woodland Trusts Arkaig Osprey FAQ Page and see if your question has already been answered.

Amongst the Pines

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  1. Gary

    Hey – great to see the ospreycam

  2. Gary

    When will the ospreys be back this year.

  3. Gary

    They should be back any day now…..we often get the odd visitor dropping in to the nest before Louis and Aila make a reappearance….but who knows what will happen this year? There are at least another 5 or 6 nest platforms scattered through the forest here, so plenty to choose from….

  4. ACF

    There’s an Osprey!

  5. ACF

    Not much ospreys activity on the nestcam so far…. though we’ve seen a few ospreys in the vicinity and there are signs of activity on some of the nest platforms. Also seems to be a problem with the livestream but we hope it will be fixed over the next day or two. Meanwhile the weather is stunning and spring seems to have arrived here in Lochaber!

  6. Gary

    Two ospreys circling over Clunes just now…..

  7. ACF

    Signs of new osprey activity on the nest! Two ospreys have been visiting together over the last couple of days – keep watching and let us know what you see!

  8. Gary

    Lots of Osprey activity on the nest today! Perhaps things are just running a bit late this year – it has certainly been a long cold winter and a late spring in these parts…

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