Arkaig Community Forest and The Woodland Trust Scotland acquired the Loch Arkaig Pine Forest on the south shores of Loch Arkaig in north Lochaber, from Forestry Commission Scotland in 2016, after FCS decided that to dispose of the forest as surplus land under the National Forest Land Scheme. The forest covers some 1086 hectares in two discrete and evenly sized blocks – the Glenmallie forest and the Gusach.

Lock Arkaig Osprey Cam

The Woodland Trust’s live Osprey nest camera, supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery, has been streaming footage of breeding ospreys from Loch Arkaig Pine Forest since 2017.

Loch Arkaig Osprey Cam

Our resident pair Louis and Aila returned to the nest in April 2020. Aila laid three eggs in May, and all three resulting chicks – Doddie, Vera and Captain – successfully fledged. 

The camera will be live again in spring 2021 to bring you a wild slice of forest life from the Scottish Highlands. We hope to see Louis and Aila back in April for another successful breeding season.

The Woodland Trust

Timeline of events

2017 – New parents

Louis and Aila, a young pair of Ospreys, took over the nest and raised a single chick, a male who was named Lachlan.

2018 – Tragedy strikes

Louis and Aila returned for a second year and laid three eggs, but the clutch was stolen by a hungry pine marten.

2019 – Two more youngsters

A little more experienced this time, the parents fledged two females named Mallie and Rannoch.

2020 – Their best year yet

Louis and Aila had three chicks – two males and one female. The chicks named Doddie, Vera and Captain, kept viewers company through lockdown.